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Love Has A Quiet Voice


A/N: Thought this up on my long drive home last night. Killian wonders what Emma’s magic feels like.

For the-lady-swan, who keeps me going when I let my insecurities run rampant. Love you, bug.

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It’s late into the evening on one of their date nights — her head tipped to his shoulder as they sit side-by-side on her bed at Granny’s, propped up against the headboard watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Netflix (she’s found he’s quite fond of Cap, feels some kinship with his character over his honorable nature and good form, love, and how he’s from another time, needing to adjust to an unknown, modern world — it’s the sweetest thing, honestly, to see Captain Hook fanboying over Captain America) while his fingertips trace lazy patterns against her palm — when he suddenly asks her.

“What’s it like?”

She’s half-dozing, half-struggling to keep her eyes open to watch Cap and The Winter Soldier go hand-to-hand in a really awesome fight sequence. “Hmm?” she hums in question, shifting to rest her chin against his shoulder and stare at his profile.

Killian glances at her, the corners of his mouth tipping up in an almost shy smile. “Your magic, darling. What does it feel like?”

She studies him for a moment, eyes searching his, not really sure where he’s going with his question, but it’s a good one and he’s got her attention and has drawn her away from sleep. She pulls back slightly, turning to her other side to reach for the remote on the nightstand and pause the movie. She sits up, angles her body towards him for a better view of his face and pulls her knees up to her chest, arms wrapping around them while she contemplates him.

She’s never thought about it, not really, it’s been such an innate part of her that she just hasn’t paid much attention. Her brow furrows as she tries to recall in her mind, all those moments she’s conjured magic. It’s not clear, she can’t remember, or she can’t focus on what happens inside of her. 

Absentmindedly, she reaches for his hand, fingers smoothing over the many lines and ridges and callouses while her gaze follows — there’s strength there, not just physical, but strength of character, strength of heart. She can all but feel it radiating from him with every ba-dump of his pulse as her thumb strokes over his wrist. Emma stills for a moment, smile soft as she raises her eyes to him.

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emma & killian together in ‘a tale of two sisters’

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Mentions of The Avengers in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Anonymous: in the kiss outside the diner Emma is so into it it's beautiful! *ugly sobbing*

ughhh ikr asdfghjk but killian tho, he pounced on her, he iniciates the kiss and it’s all so beautiful. then she has her hands on his waist and around his neck and his on her back asdghjkk then on his chest and he holds her arm with the hook i just cannot can we gave that take pls afgjggj am i making sense idek idec adghfghjj


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Friendly reminder that we’ll be seeing this kiss in less than 2 weeks.



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